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Ghost Fight!! Concept Demo

Ghost Fight!! is a competitive monster battler in which players choose a Spirit Summoner and a team of Ghosts to compete with in RPG style battles. Use strategy and prediction to outmove your opponent. Inspired by Pokemon (and Jojo's), the addition of unique mechanics and framing gives this project a unique feel.  

This is a concept demo as proof of concept. If funded, most of the non art assets will be overhauled for better functionality, but it gives a feel for the desired outcome. 

The AI for single-player is currently a little easy, so unfortunately playing by yourself may not be very challenging. But if you can grab a friend to battle you over network mode (or challenge a stranger!) then we think you’ll have some fun! However, if you do play single-player mode, you may learn a little more about the characters.

More info can be found at:  www.ghostfight.net



Ghost Fight!!-prototype-demo-win.rar 81 MB
Ghost Fight!!-Prototype Demo Linux.rar 85 MB
Ghost Fight!! Mac Prototype Demo.app.rar 85 MB

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